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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Here at Online Site Exposure, we have spent years doing what our name implies, helping to develop businesses. Whether you are looking to establish your brand on the web, or you are looking for guidance regarding separating your business from your personal assets, Online Site Exposure is experienced and equipped to help you each step of the way.

2. Website Packages with Online Site Exposure will feature your custom built website, on top of the proprietary software we have developed in-house to make your site both functional and effective. All of the site’s code will be physically mailed to you on a CD, along with a welcome packet featuring all of the information you will need in your campaign with us. From there, packages will vary depending on whether or not you are interested in additions such as social networking or a shopping cart feature for your business website.

3. That comes down to you and the package you choose. A number of our packages involve Online Site Exposure setting you up to succeed, with a variety of techniques like blogs or press releases. Online Site Exposure can handle the work for you, or we can simply set these features up and show you how to use them effectively. Most businesses will want to take matters into their own hands eventually.

4. Bannered means that a banner will be placed across your site stating “Please contact us immediately regarding your account” and
your site will not be accessible during this time, but the site will remain up and prospects will be able to see the banner.Additional Fees will apply.

5. No, Online Site Exposure creates a custom website for you; giving you access to that site once it has been set up completely. We can design our website to reflect your current business website if you like, but we will be sure to let you know if your current website design is holding your business back or not connecting with the potential customers Online.

6. We do not guarantee any specific number of placements or any particular page placement for any particular key phrase. What you are purchasing is a campaign web site that is search engine friendly, and a website locator service so you can see where your site is on the search engines. We specifically track 15 search engines for your convenience. You can find your site on other search engines that are not included in our tracker by going directly to that search engine and typing in your URL to see if that search engine has your site listed.

7. We are an Internet Advertising Company that is part of a larger organization of IOCs dating back to our first in July 2003.

Some information listed on this site is a combination of all related Internet Companies that are associated with this site. This information includes, but is not limited to, time in business, demo sites, testimonials, top placements, industries, countries, patents and awards.

Online Site Exposure Awards!

U.S. Patriot Award

This Award was presented for outstanding support of our country by supporting local Las Vegas, NV military members. We understand that our military members have unexpected and sometimes untimely contractual obligations to their country i.e. Unit Mobilization, Annual Training, Military Schools, etc.

This award was presented to the company’s owner by William B. Jr.; a member of the Nevada Army National Guard. He has been a valued employee of a little under 2 years.

William writes,

“I have had many unscheduled VA Appointments and Drill dates changed. Every one of them have been accommodated without incident. They have also employed many other military and former military members and given them the same level of support. This is the best company I have ever worked for. It is hard to find an employer that actually “cares” about their clients and employees!” -William B. Jr., SEO Technician

By supporting our nations soldiers, has provided a quality work environment that is rarely seen from a workplace in present day Corporate America. With you will be employing a company to do your advertising that has, a passion for providing USA MADE customer service at an unprecedented level.

If you are interested in Advertising or Employment with our company please call toll free at 1-844-659-3955 or check out our website

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